Projekt: Dimpora Corporate Design

Dimpora stellt Membranen her, wie es sonst keiner macht. Als eines der innovativsten Jungunternehmen, entwickeln sie die weltweit ersten ungiftigen, wasserdichten, atmungsaktiven, PFAS-freien und vollständig porösen Membranen, die für verschiedene Branchen geeignet sind, einschliesslich Sport- und Outdoor-Textilien. Wir durften das Schweizer ETH Spinn-Off dabei unterstützen ihre Funktion im gesamten Corporate Branding sichtbar zu machen.


dimpora AG


Brand Strategie,
Corporate Design,
Logo Design



The Logo

The dimpora logo embodies the brand with a modern and functional character. The wordmark “dimpora” is elegantly rendered in black, while the “O” is designed in vibrant dimpora Ruby. The crystalline forms within the “O” symbolize the functionality of the products and represent the innovative technology of using crystals for the production of sustainable membranes in outdoor apparel.

The dimpora logo exudes optimism, modernity, and quality, reflecting our brand values. It serves as a distinctive visual element that effectively communicates the identity and character of the dimpora brand.

Visualizing Functionality: The dimpora Logo as a Visual Representation of Product Performance

„We believe in a world where outdoor clothing protects people as much as the nature we all enjoy."

"At dimpora, we believe in the power of science and innovation to drive
meaningful change. We have pushed the boundaries of membrane
technology, defying the limitations of traditional processes and
embracing a new era of sustainable solutions. Our commitment to
research and development has led us to create a new generation
of membrane technology, setting new standards in performance,
sustainability, and functionality."

Mario Stucki, Co-Founder & CEO dimpora

Elevate your design:Engage Viewers with Captivating Graphic Elements

The Text Frame:

These graphic elements enhance the visibility of headlines and text in layouts with large images. Placed around the text, they create a visual separation, highlighting the message and ensuring clarity. With appealing presentation, they establish visual hierarchy and effectively convey important information.

Logo Drop:

The Logo Drop is a unique graphic element featuring a line extending from the logo and directing attention to a specific element in the image. Guiding the viewer’s gaze, it strengthens the brand presence and establishes a connection with the image content. Text can be included within the Logo Drop to engage and inform the viewer with additional information.